TukuToi Zero Tracking Policy


TukuToi Zero Tracking and Full Privacy Badge is granted to any Online Instance following the TukuToi Zero Tracking Policy

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TukuToi Zero Tracking Policy

The Problem

Thousands (millions) of World Wide Web users visit daily thousands (millions?) of Websites, which more often than not employ some tracking, cookies, sniffing or else “analysis” of their Website Visitors. This data is usually gathered off-site, thru Google or Facebook or other services, and then analysed by the Webmaster. This data, however, is primarily the Visitors’ Private Concern, which is why GDPR was instantiated, forcing many Websites to ask the Visitor if they are okay with their data being tracked or not.

This has brought some significant issues with it:

The situation (privacy infringements, data selling, data analysis and worse things like FLoC) has NOT improved with GDPR. It has worsened and left the legal side without any power of action, since now everything is “accepted by the user”. But, do not take our word for it. You can Read Online several articles (after you accept their cookies 🍭) discussing this matter too.

The Solution

We believe that the Webmaster, or in other words, the one who collects the data, is responsible for this. It is and shall not be on the user. Externalising the responsibility to the user by making them choose (or excluding them if they don’t choose) what to agree to and what not is wrong because many users won’t even understand what they agree to (or not). The right thing to do is stop attempting to “steal” those users’ data. It is not ours (webmasters) to start with, and we will not gain much by “having it”

The right approach is to respect the users’ privacy and not just state so, and later make them agree to share everything they own online with us.

The right thing to do is not to employ trackers, cookies, mailing lists, and other data-gathering tools on our websites. Many Webmasters are actively doing so, even storing fonts on their servers to avoid snooping (for example, Adobe Fonts). They do not engage in Analytics and even store videos on their servers to prevent external storage providers snoop their visitors.

These developers and webmasters do not have any way to get “recompensed” or to communicate their “clean” approach, other than writing a policy on their website, which then by the user is interpreted as “they forgot to add the cookie consent” and won’t be read anytime.

Thus, a Policy should be created with a Badge and a “contract” that is as widely accepted, and as known as the green padlock of HTTPS. NO user (Visitor) interaction shall be required. Instead, the Webmaster shall be responsible for providing “clean” sites. As proposed in this project, a badge should inform the Visitor that this site follows the proposed Policy and that no data is tracked when they visit this site. This, without any action required, and with guaranteed security.

The Policy

  1. The Privacy of Website Visitors and generally World Wide Web users is a fundamental Right.
  2. Every action taken by any World Wide Web user in any online instance is the user’s Private Concern.
  3. Any data communicated by the client, in any form, is the user’s Private Property.
  4. The Website or Webmaster does not track, register, detect, or spy on the user and their activities.
  5. The Website or Webmaster does not engage in any form of tracking or analysis of the user’s data.
  6. The Website or Webmaster does not employ any tracking software, including but not limited to Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Plausible.io, SemRush, or any other form of analysis involving user data such as cookies, beacons, or else.
  7. The Website or Webmaster does by their knowledge the best to protect the user from Security and Data breaches, be it on The Website or Affiliated Instances, or else connected services.
  8. The Website or Webmaster transparently communicates to the visitors in a Privacy Policy what data is registered, if any, and what actions the Visitor can take to remove this data, if any.
  9. The Website or Webmaster communicates to the visitors what happens with the data tracked, if any, and why specific data is collected.
  10. The Website or Webmaster does not maintain an “Email List” or else list of their visitors unless agreed upon by the Visitor, nor are the online decisions of the user collected.

Zero-Tracking-Policy Badge Specs

  position: fixed;
  bottom: 0px;
  left: 0px;
<div class="container ">
  <div class="row ">
    <div class="col-md-1 zero-tracking-policy-badge">
        <a href="https://www.tukutoi.com/tukutoi-zero-tracking-policy/">
          <img loading="lazy" src="./img/zero-tracking.png" width="34" height="39" class="aligncenter size-full img-fluid">

Websites adhering to and using the TukuToi Zero Tracking Policy

Note, this list is entirely voluntary and not the result of a tracking process, of course.

  1. TukuToi
  2. HumanOfEarth
  3. Undenk
  4. GeneratePlugins